Semester abroad for students

In the epoch of globalization, all borders between countries fall. You have a thousand ways to travel and learn something new. One may even study in different countries at different universities. Today, there are many academic programs that serve student exchanges. Surely you’ve heard about exchange programs before.

Have you always wanted to go abroad during your studies? This is not a problem recently. In this article you will learn what the European ERASMUS + program is and how it can be used to organize a semester abroad in Europe with no worries.

What is ERASMUS?

ERASMUS is an educational program of the European Commission. The aim of the program is the stay abroad with a scientific focus. For students, this means financial and organizational support for the EU during their studies. This semester abroad is part of your bachelor’s or master’s program. So you have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters in other European countries. In this exchange program, you will get to know new cultures, customs, languages ​​and people and study at the best universities in Europe: Oxford, Politécnica and Autónoma de Madrid, Maastricht, Cambridge, etc. Such study has many advantages that one can not consider without ERASMUS. Besides new experiences you get financial support. It is worth noting that the application for ERASMUS + is relatively easy and clear. The program is certainly worth your attention. We have gained a lot of experience in the thing and can now create a list of benefits. They are as follows:

  • Large selection of partner universities
  • Recognition of study achievements at your university
  • Good organization and support with all necessary documents
  • scholarship
  • Monthly financial support
  • Low organizational effort
  • Care of other exchange students
  • New experiences
  • New acquaintances
  • Travel and adventure
  • This is how the program works!
  • The European exchange program of ERASMUS + works quite simply. The organization of the program places great emphasis on transparency and standardization for all students. At the universities, which belong to partners of ERASMUS +, there is a foreign coordinator who offers individual advice. One can inform oneself about special topics and receive expert help with the application. The choice of programs is quite big. On the official website you will find the most important information.

Although the program is mostly student-friendly and fun, you should be prepared to achieve the following goals: value and try out learning mobility, promote and deploy innovation in education, and support policy reform. Studying abroad is an extraordinary opportunity to adapt to another culture, to set a good example and to apply foreign experience to the life of your own country.

  • The ERASMUS program is based on cooperation between the departments of different universities and is one of the best exchange programs worldwide. If you are planning a semester abroad, this is the best choice for you! Every student benefits from this program. There are official numbers from the ERASMUS homepage:
  • ERASMUS offers 450,000 internship opportunities;
  • 650,000 students receive scholarships;
  • 800,000 teachers can both teach and train abroad;
  • more than 25,000 students receive scholarships for joint Masters degrees;
  • 125 000 training institutions, universities and companies receive grants for the establishment of 25 000 strategic partnerships;
  • 3500 educational institutions and businesses receive support in promoting employability, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • As you can see, the statistics are pretty impressive. You should not be afraid that you will not succeed. Throughout the application process you will be supported and advised.

If you are not interested in science, research or study, ERASMUS + has a sports program that supports sports activities with the aim of increasing capacity and professionalism. The program also builds relationships between sports organizations and develops improvements in management skills. It has the following goals:

  • healthy lifestyle with sports and physical exercise
  • Dissemination of participation in sports activities
  • Close cooperation between sports organizations in different countries
  • Vocational training of competitive athletes
  • Organization of sporting events at various levels
  • Development of sports awareness
  • You can choose a program that suits you best and is of the utmost interest to you. So easy and exciting you can develop and train yourself in new countries!

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